HVAC Emergency: Identifying the Severity of a Furnace Issue

When installed, tested, and maintained properly by an HVAC professional, your furnace would typically operate without any issues, inadequacies, and incidents. However, there would be times that you need to contact again a professional service like the HVAC company Port Charlotte, and distinguish the difference between your regular furnace repair service that you regularly take and an emergency furnace repair. There will always be a circumstance that you might need the latter. 

There are many reasons why you need an emergency repair from professionals. It can be because of improper installation, unexpected incident, and/or the natural wear of time. Before the condition worsens, you need to quickly identify and notice the signs that your furnace needs help. In this article, we will be sharing with you some of the signs you need to notice to identify the severity of the furnace issue.  


1.Problems now involve electrical issues – electricity plays a very crucial role when it comes to making your home comfy and convenient. Also, when there are issues regarding the electricity, you need to understand that it poses danger to anyone as it can start a fire accident. HVAC relies heavily on electricity and it is important that you fix immediately the issues when you notice that there are issues that are related to electricity. In addition, when issues like this occur, you need to contact a professional service and never do the repair on your own even though you have basic knowledge of electrical works. 


2.It is making loud noises that are unusual – it is natural for a furnace to produce a sound as this can result from the air that is running through the ductwork. However, besides this, there is no way a proper and functional furnace will produce sounds. You can tell this by insulating the ductwork and cut down the sounds. But when the actual furnace really produces the noise, it is a sign that your furnace is damaged. There can be some issues on the burner or the belts. Call a professional service for this.  

The following are the noises that your furnace produces and their probable reasons – rattling noise – loose panels 

Pinging or popping sounds – could be thermal expansion as it heats and cools 

Grinding sounds – the motor needs repair and you need to call a technician now.  


3.Your system is turning on and off – it is very unusual for a well-conditioned furnace to turn on and off on its own. There can be reasons such as a worn-out or dirty filter. You can change the filter anew and if the problems still persist, it is now the time that you call a professional technician to repair your HVAC.  


Word of Advice 

There are many companies that offer repair services for you. However, you need to take note that there are other services that do not provide excellent quality output. When you want efficiency and quality, you need to find a company that delivers the service you need.  


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