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Parables of Parenthood (Sneak Peak)

In anticipation of the book’s release in 2014, I am going to offer a series of excerpts on this blog. I hope these selections wet your whistle; may you be like my son, Sam, who knows the word, “more”!

Ginny and Sam

From Chapter 1

When we were married, Ginny and I decided to hyphenate

our last names. We wanted to start our new life together

with the symbolic understanding that both families of

origin are important. A hyphen creates one word from two

separate ones, meaning that something new is actually the

result of maintaining a direct reference to both traditions.

As people learned of this decision, the most common question

involved our children: Would they also have a hyphenated

last name? Yes! We wanted to pass along this value of

equal preservation, while starting something new with our

nuclear family—the Taylor-Troutmans. Once the last name

was decided, we were left the not-so-simple decision about

the rest of our child’s name . . .


We wanted a name for our newborn

that reflected our joy about this unique and wondrous gift,

yet also reminded us of our family history. In seeking the

perfect balance, there were several good options but none

that seemed quite right. That is, until I suggested Samuel

Greene Taylor-Troutman. I’ll never forget Ginny’s face, as

she lit up and whispered reverently, “That’s perfect.”

Copyright Andrew Taylor-Troutman, 2014; Wipf & Stock Publishers

About Andrew Taylor-Troutman

I am a pastor and a preacher, a writer, a husband and a father. My professional and personal lives are deeply involved with story-telling: stories that are silly and poignant or profound and commonplace. Stories that are tear-jerkers and belly-shakers. Stories about my son, Sam, and the congregation I serve, New Dublin Presbyterian Church. Each in its own way, these personal narratives shed light on the great story that God is writing with humankind and all of creation.


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